Fashion Fervour-Drishika Chander talks with You & I

After studying fashion communication and working with leading designer labels in New York, Drishika Chander returned to her hometown of Hyderabad last year. Currently dabbling between modelling and theatre, this fashionista has everything it takes to make it big: confidence, a bindass attitude, and a mind of her own. We caught up with Drishika to get a sneak peek into her life at the moment. 

Having returned from New York last year, after studying and working there, what are you currently doing in Hyderabad?
Well I would say, “a lot of everything”. I am working on starting something of my own, basically getting into the social media/e-commerce and visual merchandising part of the industry. But along with that, I’ve joined theatre and tapped into modelling – they’re both so fun and different from each other and everything I’ve done in the past.

Fashion marketing to modelling…how did the shift happen?
Honestly, I wouldn’t refer to it as a shift. Fashion has and is always going to be a part of me. Since I’m someone who lives in the moment, I take things as they come. And this opportunity just came to me when I got a random call from one of my closest friends, Sakshi Girri, asking me to model for her brand – Plusche Label. And I just said yes, no questions asked. I had just come back a few months earlier, and I was still getting my bearings back in Hyderabad. I was kind of exploring and having fun, I guess; keeping myself busy with interesting stuff. Being completely unsure of what the result would or could be, we went ahead with the shoot. It was after the first shot that we realised it worked. And it worked pretty well (laughs). Hence, the modelling journey began.  

You seem to be quite the fashionista. What’s your personal style like?
Thank you. I like experimenting with my looks. So I guess I’d say my personal style is experimental as I don’t stick to one thing. You’ll always find me changing it up a bit. But the only things that are constant are my perfumes; I’m obsessed with them.  

Any favourite designer?
I’m actually not someone who has any favourites. I kind of go by what my mood is. What I do love is certain styles from each designer. So I pick up on those particular styles and add them to my ‘Love That’ list (laughs).

What are you most comfortable wearing?
To be honest, I’d rather throw on a pair of kicks with anything I wear. During summer, I prefer keeping it simple and light,hassle-free. With the scorching heat we have to face, the last thing you want is your outfit bothering you. Simultaneously, you don’t want to comprise on how you look. Other than that, shorts are always my go-to garment.

What’s your take on India’s fashion scene compared to the rest of the world?
I wouldn’t really compare. It’s all interrelated in a way. There is so much the world fashion picks up on from India and its fashion industry, and vice versa. The Indian fashion industry has evolved through the years. We have people around the world following Indian fashion; some of the designers work here, while others are influenced by all that India has to offer during their travels.

Given a chance to change your field of work, what would you choose?
I’m enjoying my modelling and my freelance branding assignments right now. While I do have plans in the near future, I like to challenge myself constantly.

Supposing you were invited for the recently concluded gala hosted by the Queen of England for the UK-India Year of Culture. What garment/designer would you wear?
I would definitely wear a saree with traditional ancestral jewellery. Mixing and matching the variety of our traditions to put together an outfit– that’s my personal style.

What do you do in your free time?
You could call me Sheldon or even Monica. I absolutely enjoy organising things and I am really good at it. Let’s just say I have labels for labels (laughs). My friends and family, I assure you, will definitely vouch for this.

What do you see yourself doing five years from now?
More than anything, I’d like to see myself happy and content and enjoying whatever I am doing.      ---- as told to Niharika