Facials For Glowing Skin

There’s no denying that every woman loves to pamper herself with a day at the salon. And with the festive season in full swing, there is no better excuse (not that you’d need one) to get some much-needed relaxation with a facial. With the late nights and back-to-back parties, your skin will thank you for this beauty ritual. A facial will not only unclog your blocked pores and exfoliate your skin but also help keep it hydrated and give it an extra glow. Instead of getting a regular fruit or chocolate pack, treat yourself to something special this season.

Gold Facial

Gold facial

It’s not just gold jewellery that makes heads turn. This much-loved metal can work wonders on your skin, too. A popular treatment, the gold facial includes 24-carat gold cream and/or gold gel. Most salons use both or either of these along with aloe vera, wheat germ oil or sandalwood. Gold being a soft metal, it is easily absorbed by the skin and reduces fine lines. Gold facials are also touted to have revitalising and rejuvenating effects that bring a glow to the skin. Known for their cell-renewal acceleration, gold facials can help reverse oxidation damage to the skin. They have the ability to repair sun damage and help slow down melanin creation to prevent harmful tanning. Gold facials are good cleansers and can control pigmentation. The treatment involves special methods of application and massage, and is suitable for dry as well as oily skin. The gold facial treatment is best suited for dull skin.     

Silver Facial

Silver facial

Used along with a glow scrub, gel, cream and a face pack, a silver facial helps detoxify and purify the skin. It not only restores the skin’s natural pH balance; it also gives dull skin an instant lift. If you spend too much time in the sun or blackheads and dryness are giving you sleepless nights, then a silver facial is what your skin needs. With just the right amount of moisture, this facial clears out your pores, removes dead skin cells, deep cleans the skin to prevent blackheads from popping up at the wrong time, and evens out skin tone. Packed with antibacterial qualities, a silver facial can also help smoothen wrinkles and relax the facial nerves and muscles. This facial is usually full of vitamin E which, when combined with silver, helps both tighten and relaxes the skin, and gives it a special shine.

Pearl Facial

Pearl facial

Ideal for oily and combination skin types, pearl facials help get rid of tans and brighten up the skin. Pearls help nourish rejuvenate and beautify. Studies have shown that pearls allow the transfer of melanin to the skin surface, where it filters harsh UV rays to counteract damage caused by the sun. Pearls also contain amino acids, minerals and proteins that help strengthen skin and increase its ability to retain moisture. A pearl facial can give your skin a healthy radiance with an even colour tone. Generally, a deep cleansing routine precedes a pearl facial to refine the skin. A light massage with a pearl cream and a pearl mask application follow, retaining much-needed moisture and revitalising the skin.

Diamond Facial

Diamonds have always been a girl’s best friend - in more ways than one! You might like to flash one on your finger, but if you want to brighten up your skin, try a diamond facial treatment. This somewhat expensive procedure leaves the skin firmer, thoroughly cleansed, and gently exfoliated of accumulated impurities. This thoroughly relaxing treatment provides long-lasting results and focuses on getting rid of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, acne scars, dull and congested skin, and other signs of ageing.

Before you rush out and book yourself a festive facial ritual, make sure it’s a good match for your skin type. The last thing you want is treatment that leaves you with unwanted blemishes - or maybe something even worse! A good aesthetician will work with the right products suited to your skin’s needs. Brighten up the season and get ready to outshine the festivities with glowing skin.     

- Pallavi