Facial Fitness

Perhaps you’ve heard of prenatal and power yoga, but have you heard of facial yoga? They’re exercises that tone your face and can help you look younger. Much like other fitness routines, facial yoga also acts as a relaxant. The exercises include facial and neck movements that can help get rid of a double chin or chubby cheeks by making use of muscles that are usually neglected. And the process is not especially time-consuming – all you need is 15 to 20 minutes per day.

Instead of turning to Botox, plastic surgery or cosmetics, facial yoga offers a more organic path towards a natural facelift. The practice is believed to fight ageing and stress by improving blood circulation, and it just may be the answer your complexion, texture, headache and puffiness problems.

Try some of the following facial exercises to banish your beauty woes.

For the eyes:

  • Place your index fingers along the lower lines of your eyebrows. Move them gently upward so that your eyebrows feel raised. Slowly shut your eyes, and focus on your eyelids; you will feel them stretch. Hold for ten counts, release, and allow your eyes a few moments to relax. Repeat. This will reduce puffiness and tone your upper eyelids.
  • Place your index fingers near the outer corner of each eye and your middle fingers on the inner corners. Push your lower eyelids swiftly upwards ten times, and shut your eyes for ten counts. Release slowly, and relax your eyes. Do this once to tone your lower eyelids and reduce puffiness.
  • Place the end of your index fingers beside the outer corners of your eyes, close to the end of your brow lines. Hold firmly so that when you close your eyes, you feel the area around your fingertip pull. This facial exercise will reduce crow’s feet; do 20 reps for best results.

For the mouth:

  • Press your lips together and smile as much as you can, but slowly; you will feel strain on the corners of your lips. Hold for ten counts, and release slowly. Those corners should be a bit more toned.
  • Press your lips firmly together, and make an air pocket below your upper lip. Hold for ten counts, and move the air pocket to your right cheek. Hold for ten more counts, and do the same on the other side. Repeat this cycle ten times to tone the area around your mouth and your cheekbones.

For the forehead:

  • Put the tips of all your fingers (except your thumbs) together. Relax the muscles in your forehead, and place your fingertips on your forehead, above the middle of your brow. Close your eyes, and gently move your fingers out toward your temples. Release, relax, repeat – this reduces worry lines on your forehead.
  • Open your eyes as wide as you can, letting the whites show through. Hold for as long as you can, relax your eyes, and repeat as many times as you can. This tones the muscles in the forehead and around your eyes.

For the cheeks:

  • Inhale deeply through your mouth, and move the air from one side to the other. Continue for ten counts, relax, and repeat four more times. This one is great for reducing chubby cheeks!
  • Purse your lips together and suck your cheeks in, making a fish face. Hold firmly, and try smiling while holding your cheeks in place. You should feel the muscles around your mouth and in your cheeks stretch. Hold for ten counts, relax, and repeat. Do this cycle five times.
  • Suck your cheeks in as much as you can, almost until they touch, and hold for 15 counts. Repeat ten times daily to get chiselled cheeks.

For the jaw line:


Sitting upright, turn your face as far towards the ceiling as you can. Breathe deeply, and exhale by pushing your lips as upward as you can. Feel the area below your chin and jaw stretch? Repeat ten times to considerably reduce your double chin.

  • Place your lower lip over your upper lip, and try to move it as close to your nose as possible. Hold for 15 counts, relax, and repeat for a total of ten times.
  • Pick and choose the exercises you find most effective to look and feel young and happy. But remember: extra treatments and routines like this one should go along with a balanced, nutritious diet and regular exercise.     

– Saloni