Facebook Matches Donations For Nepal Earthquake Relief

After launching its Safety Check update for people who suffered in the Nepal earthquake, Facebook has now rolled out the Donate button for relief work in the wake of a 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal. The button is visible right on top when you log into Facebook. "Let's Support Nepal," the prompt announces "Thousands of Nepal earthquake survivors need our help.  "Donate now and Facebook will match your donation."
As it urged the users to donate, it said "Donate to International Medical Corps today and Facebook will match your donation. Facebook will match your donation up to $ 2 million to contribute to local relief organisations," in a statement.
Inspired by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the “Safety Check” button identifies users based on their location and alerts them if they are in an affected area. Users can then notify their Facebook friends if they are in a secure location. Facebook said that since activating this on Saturday in Nepal as well as areas in Bangladesh, India and Bhutan, “millions of people have been marked safe and tens of millions of people were notified that someone they know has been marked safe.”

Apart from Facebook tech companies like Apple and PayPal have set up ways to donate to relief efforts. Apple has linked iTunes up with the American Red Cross. When users head to the iTunes Store, they'll find a page with donation options to send funds to the Red Cross' relief efforts in Nepal. 100% of donations are sent to the organization's Nepal disaster relief efforts.
PayPal has set up a campaign called Nepal Earthquake Relief and Recovery, giving users a one-click option to choose which organization they would like to donate to. 100% of donations go to the organizations as PayPal is waiving all fees. Organizations you can donate to via PayPal include the World Food Program USA, AmeriCares, International Medical Corps and Habitat for Humanity, among others.

..... Devashree Goenka