The Exotic Getaway

As the most influential family in modern Europe, the Royal Family has always spread its charity far and wide. Much of their charitable work is based across the Mediterranean Sea, in Africa. They have visited different parts of the continent over centuries and have come to fall in love with its stunning landscapes and wildlife. Kenya has an abundance of both, and as a result is one of their favourite countries to visit.

In fact, Kenya holds quite a bit of significance in the lives of the present-day royals. It was while holidaying in the Treetops Hotel in Kenya that the Queen first found out that she had inherited the throne. She went back with her husband Prince Philip in 1983, and stayed at the same hotel, so it clearly held a place in her heart. Another more recent event that occurred in the country was when Prince William popped the big question to Kate Middleton! The two had been enjoying a fun break at the Lewa Safari Camp when the prince took his lady to Lake Retunda, located at the bottom of Mount Kenya and went down on one knee.

Tidbit: Prince William proposed to his girlfriend of eight years, Kate Middleton, with Princess Diana’s engagement ring. It was his way of making sure that his mother was somehow included in the special occasion.