Excess Usage of Digital Gadgets Leads to Insomnia

Whether it is playing video games, checking emails, browsing or watching television, millions of people are addicted to electronic gadgets 24/7. Although technology has made our lives easier at the same time it also affects our health adversely. Keeping our phones away while sleeping may not seem like a big deal but often people forget the fact that electronic gadgets affect sleep cycles in more ways than that one could think of.

Here are few ways in which gadgets disturb our sleep cycle-

  • Suppress melatonin- Melatonin is the hormone that controls sleep and wake up patterns. Before going to bed some of us have a habit of checking our emails or browsing through social media. The blue light emitted through our cell phones, tablets, computer screens and television restricts the production of melatonin. Decrease in the level of melatonin in our body makes it difficult to fall asleep.
  • Keeps the brain alert- Before going to bed, surfing the web, checking something exciting on instagram or reading through a negative post on facebook, will make it hard for our brain to relax due to the constant thoughts that keep running through our mind.
  • Disturbed sleep- According to survey conducted by National Sleep Foundation about 72 percent of children ages 6 to 17 sleep with at least one electronic device in their bedroom, which results in lack of sleep on school days when compared with other kids. Even though we do not use our phone before going to bed it does not mean it cannot harm our sleep, keeping our phone within arm’s reach will intrude our sleep.

Tips for getting a good sleep-

  • Set a specific sleep time- Choose a specific time as it is better to go to sleep when we are tired. If we are getting enough sleep then we should wake up naturally without an alarm. This helps in adjusting our body’s internal clock and optimises the quality of sleep.
  • Restrain from using electronic gadgets- It is best to stay away from using electronic devices at least 30 minutes before going to bed. To minimise the impact we can use our cell phones or iPads by turning down the brightness.
  • Say no to watching television- Instead of watching television before going to bed it is better to listen to soothing music which will relax the mind and promote good sleep.

To ensure a goodnight sleep it is very important to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere by dimming the lights in the room.

             -Akhila kakarala and Pic courtesy: http://www.nicabm.com