Everything you need to know about ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’

Everything you need to know about Netflix’s new series “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”. It is based on horror comic series. 

1.    The show will be premiering on October 26th

Netflix announced the premiere date during the Television Critics Association festival with nine Sabrina lookalikes on stage, each wearing a sweater with the letter or number spelling out the date. 


2.    Netflix has picked up two seasons so far, each will consist of 10 episodes

Both the seasons will be shot together, and the production begins in the spring of 2018 in Vancouver, the same location where Riverdale was shot. 

3.    Kiernan Shipka will be playing Sabrin

She is famously known as Sally Draper on ‘Mad Men’, she will be transforming into a teenage witch on set. 

4.    Ross Lynch will be playing the new Harvey

He will be playing the role of Sabrina Spellma’s boyfriend. He will be seen in a pivotal role and a lot more of a horndog than primetime Harvey from the 90’s. 


5.    Sabrina’s aunt Hilda and Zelda will be played by Lucky Davis and Miranda Otto, respectively

As the comics tell us, the witches of Greendale are not your cute Halloween kind of ladies. They are literally goat-slaughtering, Satan worshipping, dance-naked-in-the-woods-under-a-blood-moon witches. We're talking pentagrams. We're talking brides of the almighty Lucifer. 

The cast includes Jaz Sinclair (Sabrina’s BFF Rosalind), Michelle Gomez (Madam Satan), Chance Perdomo (Sabrina’s hot cousin), Richard Coyle (Father Blackwood), and Tati Gabrielle (Prudence).

6.    Salem will be on the show

In the comics, Salem is Sabrina’s talking familiar and not just her pet, as it is shown that the most witches and warlocks have animals to hang out and perform spells with. You can expect Salem to be full of spirit and arrogant as in the comic books. 

7.    There are no plans for Riverdale and Sabrina crossovers yet


8.    Sabrina might eat people 

The Spellman family is known to be straight up cannibals. They don't kill people to get their food; they just steal the corpses from a nearby cemetery and eat on them. It is a part of witch culture and normal to the witches.  

9.    The other realm is likely to be a thing but with a different name

Sabrina could travel to other magical dimensions filled with surprises through the linen closet in her aunt’s house in the show ‘Sabrina the teenage witch’. 

Mantika Kaur Kandhari
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