Eva Longoria never throws her shoes away!

Actress Eva Longoria has revealed that she never gets rid of any of her shoes. She has a special closet for her old pairs.

"With my shoes I never say, 'Thank you and goodbye.' I'm like, thank you and I move it to the other closet. I can't part, and my husband goes, 'Why do you keep all these shoes?' I'm like, 'I'm a shoe collector.' As if I'm an art collector. It's a thing," she told People magazine.

She adds that she shares a special relationship with her Louboutins as they have grown together.

"I feel like Louboutins came of age when I was coming into my fame, or when I was coming into my popularity. I feel like we have a relationship of growing together. So it was like the shoe to have at the moment when I started 'Desperate Housewives'," she said.

She added: "I just remember just craving having a collection of many Louboutins. But really the main pair I wanted, which was very hard to get because I have a very small foot, it was always sold out, this patent leather nude."    - IANS