Essential information about breast cancer

One of the common serious health issue faced by women is breast cancer. After lung cancer, this form of cancer is the second leading cause of death in women. Area where this type of cancer forms is in the cells of the breasts. The cells in the breast tissue multiply in large numbers and they all form one big cluster, a tumour. Eventually this tumour spreads to other areas in the body through blood stream. This cancer is formed in the breast glands that produce milk. 

Luckily, the increase in the amount of awareness and advances in diagnosis has decreased the number of deaths caused due to this serious health problem.

In this article, we discuss some of the major causes and symptoms of breast cancer. 


 Although it is very difficult to clearly state why a women is affected by this form of cancer but there are a few reasons that are worth keeping a note of. 
1.    Breast cancer is associated with genetics. Any previous history of your family members having breast cancer can also be one cause. 
2.    Women who have a late menopause or get periods at a young age are prone to this type of cancer. 
3.    After menopause, if you are one of those who have undergone hormonal replacement therapy then you are likely to get breast cancer. 
4.    Another leading cause could be a previous history of radiation exposure to the chest wall. 
5.    If you are giving birth to a child after 30 years you are probability at a risk of having breast cancer. 


In the beginning stages, it is quite difficult to notice any symptoms. In order to make sure you are not a victim of this type of cancer, you should be aware of the changes in your body and do not skip your routine checkups. 

The most common symptoms are- 
•    shape or size of your breasts may differ. 
•    You may observe shrinkage or swelling in one breast.  
•    A sensation of redness near the breast area. 
•    You may notice the skin near your breasts is peeling off and it might be orange in colour. 
•    One of the most common symptoms is you may spot a growth of lump in the armpit or breast 
•    You may also experience pain in your breast, nipple and armpit
•    Swollen lymph nodes around the collarbone or under your arms 
Some symptoms in the last stage: You may not feel hungry, double vision, weakness, and weight loss. 

You must know the fact that if you experience any of these signs it does not mean you have breast cancer. However if you experience you must visit a doctor and get it checked without further delay. 

-Akhila Kakarala
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