Epic europe

Europe has everything a traveller could ask for – the most romantic city in the world, canals full of gondolas, the birthplace of pizza and Pavarotti, and so much more. When Krishna Teja travelled to Germany to visit his relatives, he knew he had a lot to see and do, both there and throughout the continent.

Europe is a land of endless discovery. There are so many sights to see, and so many countries to choose from, that any span of time is too short. I got a chance to take my very own sojourn when I visited family in Germany. I was very excited to explore the continent, so off I went, fully prepared for relaxation and discovery!

Although my primary reason to visit Europe was to see family, I had plenty more to look forward to. Travel can be a powerful instrument; it helps us grow and gain enlightenment. Another thing I look forward to while travelling is learning about other cultures and traditions.

 was very excited that I would have the chance to meet new people and, hopefully, build some interpersonal relationships. I think this aspect of travel opens the mind to so many new opportunities, experiences and people. As with most of my travels, Europe reminded me that the world is a pretty amazing, interesting place.

I was lucky enough to travel to Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain. In order to really experience each of these places, I knew I needed a good amount of time. My trip lasted just short of 100 days, and I thoroughly enjoyed everything that travelling alone in Europe has to offer.

One of the most beautiful sights I witnessed was the Eiffel Tower lit up after nightfall. It never failed to move me! On Mother’s Day, I had dinner at the top with my mum – it was perfect! She was overwhelmed with happiness, and so was I. It was certainly one of the more memorable moments of my holiday. The view from on top of Mount Jungfrau is considered one of the most emblematic sights of the Swiss Alps; it was truly breathtaking.
I got to take a vacation within a vacation when I went to Ibiza. It was an extremely enjoyable experience, one that gave me some great memories. It was the perfect amalgamation of beauty and fun – late-night parties on the Spanish island, shopping at the hippie markets, and the unlimited fun of adventurous water sports.

When I got the chance to go scuba diving, I was pretty pumped. Having never done it before, I almost chickened out. Our dive master was really patient, and she had me walking on the sea floor in no time! I’m so glad I braved my fears – what I experienced underwater was unimaginably beautiful. I got to see exotic fauna and flora amid breathtaking Mediterranean ecosystems. It was hands-down the most unforgettable experience of my life.

I did a lot of sightseeing on this epic holiday. I visited the historic city of Lindau, located near the intersection of the Austrian, German and Swiss borders. I thoroughly enjoyed my visits to the Cologne Cathedral, Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Rijks museum and Miniature Park in Amsterdam, the village of Kinderdijk and Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands, La Sagrada Familia, Poble Espanyol, the FC Barcelona Museum, and the Barcelona Zoo.

A few other places one shouldn’t miss when in Europe are the royal palace in Madrid, Aquarium de Paris, Disneyland, the Marmottan Museum, the Cluny and Jacquemart-Andre, St. Chapelle, and the Luxembourg Gardens. The places I found most beautiful and interesting were Prague, Budapest, Lake Geneva, the Tropical Alps and the Eiffel Tower.     
                       – as told to Saloni