The Energy Engagement

They say that everyone is fighting a battle.
Humans are constantly undergoing a process of self-improvement, and while there are several ways to go about it, it all begins from within. Some believe this world is made of energy, and that it is through this energy that situations and people can be rectified and healed. Energy became part of Delhi-based Diana Zaheer’s life at an early age. With time, she has learnt to use what the universe provides to help others. You & I caught up with her to better understand how energy and healing work.
What is healing to you?
Healing means the freedom and delight to be your true self in all areas of life, to discover who you really are inside, and to live more from that place. In this modern world, we can easily forget our divine nature. My job is to remind myself and my clients about the mystery of our existence. We somehow arrived on this planet with a human body and a divine nature. How will we use our time in this precious human form? When people suffer and feel that their lives don’t work is when healing is needed.
We first heal what’s inside us, and then the external circumstances of our lives can truly change. One of my teachers frequently says that our deepest pain does not come from the external situations we face, but from feeling disconnected with our true selves. When we feel that way, we may not even know what the divine inside us feels like, or even be able to recognise it. We need to explore that territory in a gentle, safe and curious way.

Healing means the freedom and delight to be your true self in all areas of life
I accompany people on that journey. Each situation is different and sacred, so I spend time with people to see how I can help them return. They might need someone to listen deeply to their story, or they might need energy work to feel blocked sensations flowing more freely through their bodies. They might need tools to practice in their daily lives, to strengthen innate capacities they haven’t used in a long time. They might need support to see the false beliefs they hold about themselves. In every case, I teach people how to be kinder, more patient, and genuinely tender with themselves.
How does the process work?
Throughout human history, countless paths to healing have helped people. These have been handed down from one generation to the next. We live in a bountiful time, with access to many of these ancient traditions. I have had the great fortune to work with many teachers, receiving their knowledge and transmissions. In my work, I blend healing techniques from different cultures and approaches. I use what makes sense for each person, and I work collaboratively with practitioners from Eastern and Western modalities, including allopathic medicine.
When I was growing up, several people in my extended family did healing work from the Christian tradition, so it seemed natural to me. I remember seeing energy as early as the age of four. In a general sense, the healing process allows change and a movement toward balance. This is true whether we are talking about the healing of cancer cells that won’t stop growing, or emotions that remain in a person’s life long after a traumatic event has ended, yet continue to dominate the person’s consciousness. To achieve long-lasting balance, we need to experience healing within different dimensions of ourselves.Tell us more about what you do.

Dalai Lama

My formal healing studies began at the age of 23, when I joined the Diamond Heart Training of the Ridhwan School in Berkeley, California. This inner work school combines the study and practice of spiritual traditions from around the world (including an emphasis on Sufi teachings) with a deep and clear understanding of psychology, namely object relations theory. I am truly grateful for the 15 years I spent with them. I also studied physiology and anatomy while completing a California state-approved massage therapy and healing arts certification from the Diamond Light School in Marin County.
I have an office in New Delhi, and I work via Skype with clients in other parts of India and other countries. I see children, teenagers, adults, families and couples. I offer meditation groups in Delhi, and I post encouragement throughout the day on Facebook. Many of my clients are gifted and talented, and some may also have traumatic personal history, high sensitivity to their environments, and underachieve despite great natural capacity. Sometimes, they feel alien in the conventional world. Before I begin working with a new client, I always ask the permission of the divine.
My work involves the measurement of energy fields and patterns. As a former journalist, I like to be able to inquire and quantify what I see. What I teach other people, I practice with myself throughout my day. As a result, I spend a lot of time sensing into my inner experience.I receive a lot of guidance this way, especially when I’m working with clients. During sessions or long-distance energy readings, I experience the client’s sensations, memories and emotions in my own body.
I acquired techniques for energy balancing and pain reduction from Healing Touch International, an organisation created by American nurses. When I lived in Nepal, I began studying Tibetan medicine, and have since integrated its ancient philosophies and practices into my work. I don’t practice Reiki, but I have great respect for the tradition, and I work collaboratively with Reiki practitioners. I’m constantly learning from my clients and teachers alike.                                                                                            ..... as told to Saloni