Elle King Opens Up About Battle With Substance Abuse

Singer Elle King has revealed that she battled with substance abuse and depression right after her "destructive marriage".

The rocker cancelled her wedding to a man she had actually already secretly married; split from said husband after a tumultuous year; and battled substance abuse, depression and PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder).

Today, having made it through the darkness, King hopes to share her story on her new album, Shake the Spirit, reports people.com.
"Last year almost broke me," King, 29, says exclusively in this week's issue of PEOPLE, "but I'm stronger now because of it."

"We were two young, crazy people," says King, who insists no one — not even her parents — knew she was married.

Behind the scenes, the pressure of the spotlight was taking a toll.

"Before we even met, I had started kind of losing my mind," she says of her mentality marrying Andrew Ferguson .

"I was just searching for any kind of connection and realness?.?.?. just f—ing begging for love."

Then on April 23, 2017, Ferguson was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence after allegedly grabbing King by the throat and threatening to kill her, reports tmz.com.

"I was in a destructive marriage, I was at the lowest point in my life," said King, who struggled with depression and PTSD in the fallout of her breakup.

"I was not well. I couldn't look people in the eyes. I literally couldn't leave my house for weeks at a time.

"There's two ways out. You can take the bad way out or you can get help. I got help because I knew that I have felt good in my life and I knew I could get there again," added the singer who also leaned on friends and family, reconciling with father Schneider after a strained past.

Picture Courtesy – Elle King Instagram