Effective ways to quit smoking

Smoking has become a trend followed by a lot of people especially those in the teen years. Unfortunately, majority of smokers do not realise the negative effects of smoking on their body.

Those who smoke are prone to health consequences like lung cancer, bladder cancer, mouth cancer,  Pancreatic cancer, Cancer of the oesophagus, it will also change your senses of taste and smell, reduces energy levels. They are also at a greater risk of depression, gum diseases. Women who smoke are prone to fertility problems.

Although, it is definitely challenging to quit smoking but it is not something you cannot accomplish. It's never too late to stop this life threatening habit. Here are some effective remedies to help you lead a healthy life by quitting smoking.

•    Licorice- one of the effective remedies to stop smoking is to chew a licorice stick. Whenever you feel like smoking, then put a licorice stick in your mouth and keep chewing. This is a good substitute for cigarettes .It also strengthens your digestive system.

•    Drink grape juice- To quit this habit, you need to get rid of a harmful toxin, nicotine from your body. The way you can get rid of this is to drink grape juice.

•    Ginger- One of the most common symptoms that people experience right after they quit smoke is nausea. In order to get rid of nausea, you should take a ginger. This could be taken in the form of tea, capsules or just by itself. Ginger also provides instant relief in your stomach. This popular home remedy might help you from being tempted to go back to smoking.

-Akhila kakarala
Pic Courtsey: pixabay.com