Edible Lotus Root: Five Amazing Benefits

You might be very familiar with the beautiful lotus flower, but did you know that its roots are used for cooking? Yes, you heard it right. The roots of the lotus flower is used in Asian cuisine to make a variety of soups and stir fry dishes. Not just the root, every part of the lotus flower is used to make a number of delicious dishes. Just like a lot of spices and herbs, even the lotus root has several medicinal properties. Besides cooking, it is used to cure various health problems.

Five benefits of edible lotus root:

1. Aids in weight loss- One of the major advantages of incorporating this healthy ingredient in your diet is it aids in weight loss. It consists of lower calories, and is high in fibre. The lotus root is one of those foods that keep you full for a longer period of time. It is good for your digestive system, which further helps in weight reduction.

2. Lowers the risk of birth defects- The lotus roots is known to provide essential nutrients for pregnant women. This amazing ingredient is rich in iron, choline, and calcium, all of which are needed for a healthy pregnancy. The lotus root prevents dangerous birth defects in infants like neural tube defects.

3. Good for heart- Lotus root consists of a high amount of potassium, which helps with high blood pressure. It also prevents heart diseases due to the presence of  Vitamin C and folate

4. Glowing skin and healthy hair- Who doesn’t want a glowing skin and healthy hair? Well then make it a habit to incorporate lotus root in your diet. This amazing edible root of the lotus flower has antimicrobial properties, hence it is suitable for curing skin ailments. In Japan, one of the remedies for treating sensitive skin is using lotus roots. Not just your skin, but even your hair will grow stronger and will look healthier.

5. Lowers stress levels- Eating lotus root is shown the significantly lower stress levels. It consists of Vitamin B complex, which has a compound called Pyridoxine. This compound communicates with the brain’s neural receptors, which are responsible for stress and anxiety. The lotus flower is also known to possess a unique power of tranquility and peace.

The lotus root is used to make a number of dishes like asian style lotus stir fry, kung pao lotus root, indian style lotus stem curry, sorghum lotus stem and cilantro cottage cheese, and wok tossed lotus stem with chilli sambal.

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Pic Courtesy: pixabay.com