Eating Processed Food Can Lead to Kidney Problems

Are you a junk foodie who loves to binge on potato chips, chocolates, candy, and other fast food? If yes, beware, as a new study discovered that eating processed foods can cause leaky gut syndrome and kidney related diseases.

Led by researchers at Monash University in Australia, the study revealed that processed foods are rich in harmful chemical compounds called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs). These chemicals are what give the processed food the flavour and aroma.The AGEs activate a process called the Maillard reaction and switch on the body's danger signals leading to an inflammatory response and chronic kidney disease.

The same study that was published in the journal Science Advances, proved that eating foods that contain high resistant starch fibre such as oats, cooked and cooled rice and potatoes, barley, black beans, and peas, can help reinstate gut health and correct kidney health.

"These foods are important as they get down into your lower gut and basically serve as food for your gut bacteria. The gut bacteria ferment these food-producing metabolites that are anti-inflammatory," said lead author Melinda Coughlan, Associate Professor at Monash Central Clinical School's Department of Diabetes.

Chronic kidney disease affects 10% people globally. Processed food, although tasty and easily accessible, causes risk of diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cancer and gastrointestinal diseases, so it is best to avoid it or consume it in moderation.

"Dietary change, as with most behaviour change, can be difficult to maintain long term, but by adding more foods high in resistant starch fibre and steaming and stewing cooking practices we can help dampen the harmful effects," Coughlan said.