Eat Right This Summer

With the summer season getting high, everyone just wishes to sit back and gorge on the yummy mangoes, ice creams and ice lollipops. Well while that is tempting it is important to keep ourselves healthy while we relax a bit. So here are few do and don’s for this summer –
1.    It is important for you to take care of what you are eating, and in what quantities. Like for instance too much of raw mango, can harm the skin of youngsters by bringing in pimples on the faces due to excess heat.
2.    Shift your preferences on to fresh made natural juices rather than the tin packed juices or the tetra packs. Drink lot of coconut water as they help to improve the skin texture and bring in natural glow to the face.
3.    Avoid spicy food in summers as spicy food tends to increase the heat in the body, and as it is it is too hot outside, avoid heating up your body too much. Instead eat Bland food that is not deep fried. Increase the intake of mint and more leafy vegetables as they enhance immunity levels.
4.    Salad with cucumber and beetroot is best in summers as they help maintain the coolness in the body ad would also flush all the impurities off your body.
5.    Try to limit your intake of mangoes because they tend to increase the heat and weight of your body. 1 mango is equal to 3 apples, so keep a check on the intake of mangoes as obviously you do not want to compromise on your weight.
6.    Drink lot of water to avoid sun strokes and other infections that might arise due to lack of water intake in summers because you tend to perspire a lot in this season, and the body automatically requires more water in summers.