Easy Steps to Apply Eyeliner

1.    There are four main kinds of eyeliners – pencil, liquid, gel and powder based. Liquid eyeliners give a very bold look and comes with a tube and a thin brush. Pencil eyeliners are the best bet for beginners as  they can be easily applied. They are safe for waterlines too. Gel eyeliner gives a smoky eye effect to the makeup and powder based eyeliners are simple yet subtle.

2.     Tilt your head back and use your other hand to raise the outer skin of the eye and the eyebrows. This is done so that the eyelid does not block your lash line.

Easy Steps to Apply Eyeliner

3.    Create a dotted line along the lash line or one drawn with pencil if you wish to use liquid eyeliner. The line should be very close to the lash line.

4.    If you are using a pencil or matt finish eyeliner, connect the dots and while using liquid eyeliner trace the already drawn line. Always start at the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.

5.    The eyeliner can be made winged in two ways. Firstly by extending your lash line eyeliner and your waterline liner and adjoining them at the corner of the eye. The other way is to just curl the edge of your lash line eyeliner.