Drunk Fan Jumps On Stage While Attending A Beyonce And Jay-Z Concert - Backup Dancers Get Into Brawl

Star couple Beyonce and Jay-Z’s On The Run II tour has been on fire since it started. But recently one of their concerts took a bad turn when one particularly drunk fan got onto the stage when the show was coming to a close. Some fan videos from the concert show the fan jumping onto the stage and attempting to squeeze in behind Bey and her hubby as they were walking off the stage. He did it very casually, as if there was nothing wrong! But things got ugly when the security and backup dancers realized what was going on. A frenzy started and all hell broke loose as the dancers started to stampede towards the unknown guy. It appears as though one of the dancers even tackled him! The dancers immediately rushed to protect the Carter’s and appear to have gotten into a fight with him. The police was then called in but no charges were pressed against the concert-goer. A rep for the tour reported that no one was injured during this unfortunate incident, but obviously this has led to tighter security in the future for the couple. Looks like some fans just can’t get enough!


-Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Courtesy – Beyonce Instagram