Drug That Reverses Ageing Passes Animal Tests

Medicine is not just helping us to live longer, but helping us to live better for longer. An ability to slow down ageing with a drug will be the most important medical intervention of the modern era. Scientists at Erasmus University Medical Center in Netherlands have found a drug, which can reverse aspects of aging. Scientists believe that this drug will help human beings to stop growing older and help them stay healthy in their 100’s.

This new drug has been successfully tested on animals. The drug was given to a 90 year old mouse, which was genetically programmed to age rapidly, three times a week for nearly a year. The findings were published in the Journal stating that the cells showed the liver function was easily restored and the animals could run double the distance they would run in a wheel. In an interview with BBC news, Dr De Keizer said “There are no signs of side-effects but ‘mice don't talk’ ”. The drug would have little to no side effect on normal human tissues.

The drug when injected into the body flushes out the old or “Senescent” cells, which accumulates naturally with age and plays a key role in healing wounds and stopping tumours. These cells which stop dividing after a certain period release chemicals that causes inflammation and ageing. The drug which was discovered by scientists selectively kills “Senescent” cells by disrupting the chemical balance within them. However there no exact date on which the drug will be released in the market, but it is expected to be out three to five years from now.

- Akhila Kakarala with inputs from http://www.bbc.com and Pic courtesy: http://d.ibtimes.co.uk