Drink and Detox!

Detoxifying is crucial for overall health, and can be a beneficial component of a weight loss programme as well. While there are many ways to detox and see results, one healthy way is by consuming infused water. These types of drinks work wonders in ridding your body of harmful toxins, and in turn improve your health.

The main beneficial ingredient here is water. Water absorbs the flavours of fruits, vegetables or herbs, which can helps boost your metabolism. Here are a few ways to make infused water at home using ingredients that are easily available.


Lemon and Basil
Loaded with vitamin C, this tangy infused water is full of minerals and antioxidants that improve digestion. The flavonoids in lemons help fightthe signs of ageing and cell damage, too.They also help regulate blood pressure levels and tackle cardiovascular issues.
cold water
basil or coriander leaves (optional)
•    Slice the lemons
•    Immerse the lemon slices in a jar of cold water
•    Allow it to sit in the fridge overnight
•    Drink cold and unsweetened


Apple and Cinnamon
This no-calorie drink doubles as an energy booster and an excellent detoxifying agent. The fibres and pectin in apple help in digestion, and the thermogenic properties of cinnamon boost metabolism and helps burn excessive calories.
1thinly sliced apple
1 fresh cinnamon stick
cold water
•    Place all the apple slices in a jar of cold water
•    Add the cinnamon sticks
•    Leave it in the fridge overnight and consume the next day

Irrespective of the colour of grapefruit you choose, they’re low in calories, high in nutrients and have a good flavour. Grapefruit water detox helps balance the body’s pH levels and also helps to absorb more nutrients.The flavonoids in grapefruit reduce acidity.
sliced grapefruit /or grape fruit slices
cold water
•    Put grapefruit slices in a jar of cold water
•    Leave it overnight in the fridge.
•    Consume next morning, preferably on an empty stomach or prior to meals.

Ginger and Mango
Both mango and ginger help boost the metabolism. Ginger can act as an effective painkiller, too. This recipe alleviates morning sickness and improves memory.Mango has plenty of vitamins A and C, alpha-carotene, flavonoids, and beta-carotene, which can help keep oral and lung cancers at bay. Minerals such as copper that are found in mangoes increase the RBC count in blood.Ginger, on the other hand,helps deal with nausea, motion sickness, and appetite issues.
1inch ginger root – peeled and sliced
1 cup frozen mango
•    Cut and peel the ginger
•    Slice them into coin shapes
•    Repeat the same with a mango
•    Place them all in a jar of cold water
•    Top it with plenty of ice
•    Keep chilled and consume Watermelon and Basil
The vitamins in watermelon, along with amino acids, lycopene, and antioxidants help reduce body fat and bring blood pressure down. Basil kills the bacteria in the body and beats inflammation.
Compounds such as eugenol, citronellol, and citral, along with linalool and limolene, help regulate the body’s blood sugar levels.
4 cups watermelon (cubed)
15 basil leaves
jar of water
•    Slice watermelon
•    Make a puree by blending it well with water
•    Strain the smoothie and discard the pulp
•    Mix it in a jar of ice cold water
•    Garnish with basil
•    Leave it in the fridge overnight
•    Consume on an empty stomach the next morning


Strawberry and Mint
The best part about this drink is that it is sweet. With strawberries and mint in the water, you have minerals and antioxidants, vitamins and more, all of which help battle ageing. The combination can improve your mood, help with weight management, and flush out toxins and fat cells.

fresh strawberries (sliced)
mint leaves
lemon or lime slices

•    Place the slices of fresh strawberries in a jug
•    Add juice of lemon or lime to it
•    Fill the jar with fresh cold water
•    Garnish with mint leaves for flavour
•    Leave in the fridge overnight

When it comes to detox and weight loss, drinking as much water as you can helps in so many ways. We recommend a gallon of water at least! Apart from that, try these fruit-infused recipes for some extraspecial benefits!                             – Sumana