The Dream Team - Dhruv Reddy Manyam and Palak Sachdeva

A Telugu boy and Punjabi girl met and fell in love - with almost the opposite cultures, they still came together, found a middle path and made it happen. Dhruv Reddy Manyam and Palak Sachdeva tied the knot a few years ago and are couple goals in every way. They share a bond based on trust, love and respect - and that’s the secret to their happy married life. Palak’s currently working as a marketing and strategy executive at a leading global beverage MNC, while Dhruv is an entrepreneur who’s currently focusing on logistics, mines and minerals excavation trading. Here’s more on these love birds…

Tell us about your love story…
It is rightly said that when people are destined to come together - the universe finds ways to bring them together. Palak came to ISB, Hyderabad to do her MBA in 2015 and somehow we met through our best friend in one of my many visits to the campus. Although we didn’t talk much the first few times when we did, the magic started and the more we kept talking to each other, the more it made sense that we were meant to be together in this life. 

We started dating, getting to know each other better, and making the most of a long-distance relationship. Time just flew, and we got married three years ago, and over the past six years, our love for each other has only become stronger.

What is that one thing you admire about each other?
 Isn’t she lovely? (Smiles) There’s so much I admire about her - from her strength and commitment in facing any situation in life. And at the same time making that effort towards me, my family, and friends.

Palak: I admire his humility and positive outlook towards everything and everybody in life and the fact that he’s always got my back. 

Since you’re both working, how do you take out time for each other?
For both of us, work involves a considerable amount of travelling, but we have made sure that there are certain dates in the month that we have to be together and have our own time where we go out for a dinner or a movie or just simply cook for each other and we also take vacations every few months to kick back, relax and indulge in spending time with each other. Even when we are travelling, we ensure to take out some time and catch up on each other’s day and just how everything went. Sometimes, it’s the small things in marriage that make it special.

What are some of the things you do to keep your relationship growing?
The only way to make any relationship work is through communicating. And that’s what we do. We constantly communicate and talk about everything. We always listen to and respect each other’s individual opinions before concluding any decision personally or professionally. It was something important from the beginning of our relationship that we should always be in sync to avoid misunderstandings.

How do you deal with differences in opinions? 
No two people are alike and hence they’re bound to have differences. It’s about how one overcomes them. Opinions come from the perspective and both of us need to understand each other’s perspective. We ensure to boundlessly and openly have discussions to deal with any difference of opinions. 

Is Valentine’s Day special?
Valentine’s day is exactly one week before our wedding anniversary, so the entire week is special. This week involves many dates, dinners, desserts, movies, flowers, and surprise takeoffs to beach destinations in the pre-pandemic era.     ---  as told to Anahita