Dream Destinations - Pompeii, Pompeii, Bora Bora Islands

Get a head start on your travel plans by going through You & I’s picks for some of the most fabulous destinations in the world that you must visit after the pandemic!

Historical Wonders
Pompeii, Italy: Pompeii is a ruined and partially buried ancient Roman town located in western Italy in a region called Campania, near the Bay of Naples. A catastrophic volcanic eruption spanning two days destroyed the city in 79 AD and was lost for nearly 1700 years before being rediscovered in the 18th century. The thick layer of volcanic material that covered the city has today left it frozen in time. Ruins of houses including both modest dwellings and magnificent villas still line the streets, displaying fascinating murals that retain their original colours from centuries ago. A fascinating picture of daily life can be observed with furniture, ornaments, gold and silverware, work tools, bronze and terracotta lamps, foodstuffs, grain mills, grindstones etc., all preserved in their minutest detail. A grandiose amphitheatre, public baths, temples, theatres and more are open to curious tourists with an eye for exploration.

Paradise on Earth
Bora Bora Islands, Tahiti: The sun-drenched tropical beaches of Bora Bora will steal your heart forever. Book an overwater bungalow at one of the numerous luxury hotels bordering the beach line and escape into your relaxation oasis. From its natural beauty to its Polynesian hospitality, Bora Bora is a great place to get away from the stresses of life. Let the South Pacific air gently sway you as you lie back on your hammock and read a book. Or take a dip in the water and come back to sample a delicious Polynesian meal served right on the beach. You can also explore the panoramic overlooks and shop for famous Tahitian pearls, traditional handicrafts and exquisite perfumes and oils in the local markets. You’ll bring back mementoes which will assure you that you weren’t dreaming.

The Maldive Islands: The Maldives consist of someone thousand-odd coral islands, of which 88 have been converted into luxury resorts that combine untamed natural beauty with all the manmade amenities meant to pamper your senses to the extreme. Chill out on the lovely palm-capped beaches or go exploring the lagoons through a myriad of water sports.

A Touch of Romance
Vienna, Austria: Surprise your loved one by whisking him or her away on holiday to the romantic city of Vienna. Amble down the cobbled lanes of Innere Stadt, and you’ll find yourself in the magnificent Hofburg Imperial Palace. When in Vienna, you must visit one of the many Viennese coffee houses. The

best-known places are Demel Kaffee or Central Kaffee, where you can taste the Vienna romance and nostalgia over a delicious cup of coffee. As night falls, take a horse-drawn carriage through the city’s lantern-lit streets to the Vienna State Opera, and let yourself be carried away by the music of the great masters such as Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Bach and many others. The perfect honeymoon destination, Vienna inspires even the most bashful of lovers to declare their love from the rooftops!

Srinagar, Kashmir: Why go to the Swiss Alps when you have pristine snow-clad mountains right at your doorstep? Ideal for a quick getaway for those with time constraints, Kashmir will overwhelm you with its picturesque landscapes, lily-laden lakes, and verdant orchards. Rent your very own shikara or houseboat on the magnificent Dal Lake, and sail the still waters with your loved one under a moonlit sky. Explore the quaint streets of Srinagar on horseback, and wind down your restful days with a relaxing drink of Kahwah.