Double Ka Meetha

Renu Mittal
A managing partner at Sneh Foods, Renu is passionate – be it about food, fitness, or music. With tremendous enthusiasm and a zest for life, she is full of warmth and love. She comes up with creative ideas for her recipes for the ease of cooking and wants everybody to enjoy the beauty and joy of cooking. Her passion led to start her own YouTube channel, through which she shares delicious, nutritious, and simple recipes. With the festival of Dussehra almost upon us, Renu whipped up two classic sweet dishes – Double KaMeetha and Malpua– and was kind enough to share the recipes with us.

Double Ka Meetha

Ingredients                                          Qty

slices of brown bread cut diagonally    
sliced dry fruits
to garnish
as required


Heat ghee/oil in a kadhai, and fry the bread slices till they turn golden brown. Pace them in the sugar syrup, and remove after they absorb enough syrup. Place them on flat dish, pour Rabri on it, garnish with dry fruits and serve.