Donning Multiple Hats - Pallavi Walia Raj Talks with You & I

Pallavi Walia Raj is a woman who believes that every day is a gift that needs to be lived to its fullest. Born to a typical middle class family in Mumbai, with parents working in the Government service, she believed in herself and felt that there is much more to life than to grow up and get a job. Pallavi is a classic example of what a girl can achieve when she gets full support from her parents and her husband. She believes that every girl has the potential to dream big and achieve all her dreams, if she has the right mindset and support from her near and dear ones. It is no wonder then to see her ever growing list of achievements, starting from being a Radio Jockey right out of college, to winning the Gladrags Mrs India contest, to having trained and transformed over 1,00,000 lives. We spoke with her this week to find out more about her incredible journey and future plans.

You've worn many hats in life. Tell us a bit more about what all you've been up to professionally.
I have been on TV as an anchor of the Milan Fashion week for Zee Trendz, covered the ICC World Cup in 2003 with ESPN-Star Sports, and even interviewed some of India's award-winning Musicians on Zee Music. I worked as an RJ in Mumbai for eight years and have compeered for over 1,100 live shows nationally and internationally, with the best in Bollywood, the music world, and the top most MNCs. I’ve also been a Life Skills and Experiential Trainer and Psychometric Analysis Counselor for over 15 years. I’ve conducted my sessions in International B-Schools, like S P Jain School of Global Management, institutes like Xavier’s Institute of Communication-Mumbai, corporate houses, and have even organised my own workshops. I am extremely happy and blessed to have lived such an interesting and diverse life, and hope it continues this way.


You also won the Gladrags Mrs India contest. How did this happen? Were you always interested in modelling?
The competition was more a matter of chance than anything else. I did it for the experience, not for the modelling bit, but the irony is that I actually won the Best Model Title, too. The credit for pushing me to participate goes to my husband. In the end, I just enjoyed myself and it turned out really well, so I am very glad!

What's the most exciting part about what you do?
That would be interacting with different people each day as 'people' fascinate me. I love that every experience is a learning one, since I meet really interesting, influential people as part of my job. Being around these dreamers and achievers ignites in me the passion to make a difference in my own way. It teaches me to reach for the stars, with my feet firmly grounded!

And the most challenging?
The biggest challenge is to keep evolving, since no two events, shows or trainings are the same. I have to be extremely spontaneous and willing to adapt, adjust, and accommodate. But those are the moments that have made me the person I am today! So challenging is actually exhilarating for me.

You also conduct workshops for parents and children. Can you elaborate on this?
My husband Bimal Raj and I run a seminar and training company called OrangeTalks. We conduct trainings and workshops about various aspects of a family, starting with parenting. We very firmly believe that irrespective of what we do and how much we earn, the foundation of one’s being is family. OrangeTalks is our endeavour to help reshape the future by working on the children via their parents. We work with tweens and teens in separate workshops.

Our experience has shown us that parenting is usually taken for granted since most of us turned out pretty fine. In reality however, parenting is a complex set of learned skills, most of which are counter intuitive to us. We have seen and experienced what a huge difference small changes can make with respect to our relationship with our child. The best part is that it takes just a few weeks to have a totally different bonding with your child and within the family.

What are your other interests and passions?
I am into music, dance, fitness, and sports. My parents played hockey for the country and later, coached girls who played for India, so fitness and sports runs in my blood. Music and dance are therapeutic and liberating for me.                                        --- as told to Suneela


Pallavi Raj

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