Do It Like Royalty!

The world has always been fascinated with royals. There are many reasons why they are so widely admired, but one of the biggest ones might be their flawless beauty and effortless elegance. Being a member of any royal family doesn’t come easy, as it requiresone to be presentable and well put-together at all times. This can prove to be difficult, but the royal family manages to maintain their grace and beauty consistently.

Still, there’s no doubt that it can take a lot of upkeep for royals to ensure that they maintain appearances, and many rely on extremely effective beauty secrets. From Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth, princesses and queens all across the globe have used natural remedies to enhance their natural beauty. We’ve rounded up some true-and-tested techniques used by a few royals all over the world. Take a look!

Lychee Baths
Lychee baths might sound bizarre to some, but it’s a concept with roots that go back to Ancient China. Chinese records speak of the famously beautiful Empress Yang Yuhuan bathing in lychee to keep her skin supple, soft and glowy. The fruit was her favourite and was only grown in southern China at the time. They were brought daily by horseback for her so she could spend countless hours bathing in the lychees. And science proves that the empress was onto something! Lychees are great for the skin as they are extremely rich in phosphorus, iron, and vitamins B and C. Give it a shot!

Milk and Honey Bath
Speaking of baths, who can forget the iconic milk and honey baths, popularized by Cleopatra?! The Queen of Egypt has been revered as one of the most beautiful women in history, but it required great effort to keep her vitality and beauty intact. Cleopatra preserved her youth by bathing in donkey milk, which historic records have revealed to have been a common treatment to revitalise skin in the olden days. Napoleon’s sister, Pauline Bonaparte is said to have used the same practice for her skin as well. Cleopatra also often added herbs and honey to the milk, which already works to moisturise and exfoliate the skin. Nearly 700 donkeys were needed on a regular basis to provide for her baths! You might not have the man power or donkeys to do it exactly like Cleopatra did, but you can mimic her idea by using normal milk, or even almond milk for the added benefits.

Cognac Face Pack
The cognac face pack was made so popular by Marie Antoinette that women in France still use this face pack even today! The Queen of France, who had all kinds of natural remedies and treatments up her sleeve, came up with the ever-popular cognac pack, which consisted of two teaspoons of cognac, 1/3 cup of dry milk powder, one egg white, and the juice of a lemon. The cognac in the mixture stimulates circulation in the skin while tightening pores. The eggs repair the skin tissues, the milk contains lactic acid which dissolves sebum, and the lemon contains citric acid which gets rid of dead skin cells. What a combination!

Sea Salt Massages
When it comes to science and education, it’s safe to say that ancient Greek saw a culture that was way beyond its time. The Greeks were almost one step ahead with their beauty regimes, utilising many natural ingredients to maintain their good looks. One of those beauty secrets was sea salt.

Sea salt has been maintaining its popularity amongst women because of the many benefits it offers- it can usually be seen as a common ingredient in the products you find on the beauty aisle! It is antiseptic and a preservative that cleanses and detoxifies with ease. It also helps to lock in the moisture of your skin, so that it stays glowy and full of life. Salt scrubs were a common and effective method to get rid of dead skin and improve cellulite in the body. Sea salt massages were a go-to beauty treatment, as were sea salt facemasks, body wraps, and even sea salt pools which were used for hydrotherapy at the time!

Jade Rollers
Another beauty remedy that comes from the Chinese is the Jade Rollers, which have been trending in the beauty community in recent times. Chinese royal ladies would massage their faces with jade rollers first thing in the morning to encourage blood flow and prevent enlarged pores. The Jade stone was referred to as the “Stone of Heaven”, and the Chinese believed it held healing properties. Jade happens to be a naturally cool stone, so working the tissue on your face gently with it released toxin build up while relaxing the muscles. This results in tighter skin, an even tone, no puffiness, and a big goodbye to those nasty bags under your eyes! Jade was also used during massages by the Mayans and Egyptians to aid with muscle relief!

Sugaring is the ancient version of waxing. It was a common practice for hair removal back in the day, and can even be used today for quick hair removal when you’re out of your wax strips! A sugar paste was made of ingredients such as molasses, honey, and lemon juice. It was then applied to the skin and pulled off for effective removal of body hair. This technique, they say, is more gentle and painless than waxing, and is also less likely to develop in-grown hair. You can also see the medicinal qualities of the all-natural ingredients which will not inflame the skin but instead, soothe and moisturise it.

  — Rubaina