DJs Rusha, Blizza release 'Mudra'

Music producers-DJs Rusha and Blizza have come out with an upbeat EP titled "Mudra", and say it is dedicated to "dance music enthusiasts and dancers".

The EP comes with six tracks, each diving deep into the Indian roots bringing out the true ethnic spirit of Indian folk music with future sounds.

With the influence of trap and hip hop, there is a blend of edginess along with smooth flow of the beats.

Conceptualised over a year, the duo has been working on the EP and the composition to ensure the right mix.

Talking about the release, Rusha said: "This is a departure from what we usually produce. We like our music to be aesthetic and this is our attempt in using sounds with Indian elements while playing around with our usual sounds. We have already produced our next few EP's and next EP, which are going to be completely different from this sound."

Sharing the overall look and feel, Blizza shared: "This EP is purely dedicated to the dance music enthusiasts and dancers."   - IANS