DJ Snake to be back in India

French DJ Snake, who was in Mumbai earlier this year, is set to be back in India for the Sunburn Music Festival 2019 as they return to Goa this year. The artiste, popular for songs such as "Lean on", "Let me love you" and "Taki Taki", will perform songs from his new album "Carte Blanche" for the first time in India. 

"I am so happy to be coming back to India. When I was there during Holi, the energy and vibe were so positive. It is always amazing when you travel with your work to see festivals celebrated and learn their meanings. I always like to learn when I travel and that was incredible," DJ Snake said.

"I am excited to play my newest album, 'Carte Blanche' for everyone there. I had such an amazing response from my Indian fans I couldn't not come back this year and play it to them.
He is looking forward to his visit to Goa. The Sunburn festival will begin from December 27. 

-    IANS
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