DIY: Summer Drink

With summers setting in, and cold drinks more in demand, it must be a tough time for you to come up with new and refreshing drinks every day for your family. Well, with the season of raw mangoes in, here is a cool and refreshing drink that can be made, and stored for a couple of days.
Drink Name: AamkaPanna
Ingredients needed:
3 Medium sized raw mango
Water (chilled)
Ice cubes
4 tablespoon Cumin powder
Normal and black salt – as per taste
Few mints leaves – for garnish
How to make?
Start with boiling the mango. It must be boiled completely and once that is done, let it cool down and then peel the skin. Then, smash it with hand, or you can even it do it using the grinder. Strain it in a container for further processing.
Now, to this grinded or smashed puree of mango, add water (according to the number of glasses to be served). To this water add cumin powder, black salt and normal salt. Taste it, and if you feel it is a little sour in taste, you can add a little sugar to it. Keep making a little additions of salt and sugar till the water tastes as per you likes.
Pour this water into glasses containing ice cubes, and garnish it with mint leaves at the top. Serve cold, and refrigerate the rest for later consumption.