Disguised Cristiano Ronaldo Pulls A Prank On Fans

Cristiano Ronaldo, probably the most recognisable person in Spain, disguised himself to have fun in the streets of Madrid.
A video, in collaboration with of ROC Live Life Loud, sees the Ballon d’Or holder interact with passers-by – including him being ignored by pensioners while having a request for the phone number from a pretty girl politely rejected. The video was filmed in Plaza de Callao, in downtown Madrid, where the footballer ties the dog to a chair and starts doing football tricks.

For more than 45 minutes the Real Madrid striker remained unrecognized despite displaying his fancy footwork, thanks to a fat-suit beneath his shabby grey tracksuit, a fake beard and an unkempt wig as well as some oversized sunglasses.

After almost an hour at the piazza, Ronaldo finally convinced a little boy to join him in a game of one-on-one. The boy seemed bemused when he asked him what his name was and signed the ball for him, before removing his fake hair and beard, revealing himself to the crowd who immediately surrounded the 30-year-old.         

..... Devashree Goenka