Discovering talent in a New World

Ever since the global Pandemic hit the world, people from different walks of life have come forward to support mankind in every possible way and stand with each other in the times of crisis. One such example is artist Krishnan Ganesan and his team. This young lad from Hyderabad known for his playback debut in Vijay Deverakonda’s film MeekuMaatrameCheptha, created an independent virtual platform called ‘The Ikigai Project’ for all the artists to explore and create music. Speaking to You&I, the founder shares the inspiration, idea and vision behind it. Read up!

How was the idea of The Ikigai Project born?
The inspiration and thought of creating a platform for musicians came after witnessing the internet, and to the extent at which I could see artists collaborate now, more than ever, due to their restrictions of being home. The Ikigai Project started during the worldwide lockdown with an idea to cater to an independent platform for artists to explore, meet, and collaborate.

How is it going to benefit the new artists?
We have a diversity of artists in the team, including instrumentalists, film composers, sound engineers and vocalists from different parts of the country. These people meet and use this platform to discover each other’s talent and potential and thereby work together on several projects. This further creates an opportunity for everyone to collaborate in smaller groups for relevant projects. Composers are already looking forward to introducing these new talents into the films and independent music industry that can be a potential break for all the artists. 

Tell us about the process that involves discovering these young talents. How does it work?
The process is maturing with time. Any artist who is interested in collaborating and creating something new can be part of it. It all started when I put a Facebook post and an Instagram story, asking the interested artists to reach out. Soon, I got around 50 responses. Out of these people, I tried to maintain diversity (in terms of language, ethnicity, vocal range, vocal timbre, tone) to its maximum. Additionally, my idea was also to showcase more than just vocals, so I welcomed a whistler and a rapper on board.

An artist you take inspiration from?
To pick one, I would say A.R. Rahman. However, the list goes on. 

What does the future of this project look like as we have entered lockdown 5.0?
Season 2 which is a classical fusion, is already underway and we are almost a social network for artists now. The vision is to make this a platform inducing opportunities for artists. It will also act as a talent warehouse, and the hope is to get the better of every artist. A few music directors and artist managers have already reached out to us asking about the artists featured on Season 1. Thus, I feel that we are moving in the right direction, and our vision is becoming a reality. Thanks to the strong team we have in hand.         – as told to Srivalli