Discover the Power of Art for your Special Child

No doubt parenthood brings a lot of happiness in one’s life filling it with beautiful memories, love, affection, and a lot more; but not to forget, this phase also calls for tons of responsibilities, and when you have a child with special needs, these responsibilities double up. Raising such a child requires a lot more care, a lot more patience and a lot more work and somewhere in this journey art plays an important role and can help one raise their special needs child. Read up to know how indulging and spending some artistic time with such child can benefit their growth and development.

Enhances cognitive and physical development
When a child is investing time into any form of art and letting those creative juices flow, it enables them to broaden their perspective and think out of the box. People imagine when they indulge in art and try to coordinate their senses to come up with a beautiful piece. This way, both their sensory and motor skills boost and enhance the child’s cognitive and physical development.

Helps express themselves
Kids with special needs often come across a problem in their daily life where they are not able to express their feelings and speak their heart out properly. Sometimes parents or their loved ones too might face difficulty in understanding the child’s opinion or words. Art is a perfect way to say things that they cannot put into words. Even if a child is hesitant to say something verbally, he might say it with art. Make sure to let the child’s thought go free when he/she is doing so and do not bound their imagination. This will not only help them express their views but will also help them bond with their parents and develop a better understanding of the parent-child relationship. 

Gives a sense of confidence and security   
Such children, most of the times, lack a sense of confidence and security. They often tend to feel that they are not as good enough as others around them, and in such situations, art plays a major role in framing a positive thought. As a parent one should always appreciate whatever creative and artistic piece, their kid has made. This will help such children to develop a sense of confidence and self-worth. The child will also feel good and happy inside. Parents should always make sure to hang the piece on their wall or frame it and put it on display, so that whenever the child looks at it, it brings a smile on his face, makes him feel that his work is worthy enough to be appreciated and most importantly discover his self-worth.      – Srivalli  and Pics: