From the Digital World - Lakshita Mehra

Born and brought up in Bangalore, Lakshita Mehra started working with her father’s leading manufacturing texting unit during the last semester of her college in Bangalore. She further went on to pursue a Diploma in Fashion Designing. Having worked for her father’s firm for over two-and-a-half-year, she realised her interest lies in social media marketing. 

Currently, Lakshita is working for a digital marketing agency, known as Webenza India Pvt Ltd. In conversation with us, Lakshita speaks about her journey, digital marketing, and a lot more.   

Having worked for your father’s firm and studied fashion designing, how did digital marketing happen?
Fashion designing happened because I was working with my father in a texting industry space. It was a great experience; it helped me understand the textile industry from the manufacturing point of view and the entire chain. The process involves a lot of old school traditional marketing where one is going person to person and telling them about their product. This also helps one discover ways to improvise the product or make a new one. So, while I was working with them, I saw how today we could combine traditional and digital ways, and that’s how I found my call.

You have handled digital marketing for quite a few well-known firms, how was the experience of being a part of something big?
It was a great experience that gave me an understanding. Such opportunities open gates to international marketing as well as completely different and new industries. This is what the beauty of working in a marketing agency is – it gives one the ability to learn, and explore many companies, sectors and industries. It makes one aware of the smaller aspects of life that are part of several industries.

What is it that goes behind being a successful digital marketer?
It’s a constant learning process. There’s a lot that goes in, the word digital is very vast and so is the industry. One has to be very clear about which part of digital marketing they want to learn and focus on. This is an industry which is constantly evolving –something new comes every day and a lot of trial and error is involved. More or less, one has to be constantly on their toes –read, speak, understand, implement and take the risk of doing something new each time. Also, I feel whenever you’re working as a marketer; one needs to be absorbed in the business in a way where one sees a value coming out of it; it’s not only about making people aware of the product or company but also to have them attracted to it.

In an interview, world-renowned marketing blogger Neil Patel said that Digital Marketing is an endless process because one has to keep making better results. Your views...
It is true. Like I mentioned, the entire field is constantly changing, and the industry is so wide that your imagination can go crazy. If you even step back and see as a layman into technology or what is available in your phone, it tells you how quickly things are getting better in digital marketing. If you are seeing an ad a multiple times, it doesn’t only mean that you’re interested in it, it also says that somewhere down the line they have made multiple changes and adjustments so that you see it –see it so much that it becomes a desire to want to a need.

Would you say that the picture of digital marketing has changed post-pandemic?
The pandemic, of course, has made a major impact on the industry. I don’t think it has changed anything; rather, we have started to see things from a different perspective. While earlier, we believed that people were constantly looking for things online, now we are certain they are. It has made our case a lot stronger and bought a lot of understanding of people’s psyche and mentality of how they perceive things on the internet, which is fun and challenging simultaneously as there are many brands out there.

We all go through a phase in life where there’s uncertainty, and it affects us physically, mentally, and emotionally. How do you deal with it?
In today’s age, when everything is moving fast and changing rapidly, uncertainty is underlying. Of course, everyone goes through it and a lot of times we are overwhelmed with the amount of work we do.

For me, it is more to be able to manage my day where I do have time for myself; say I start my mornings with yoga or Pilates, even at work, I take 20 minutes to break for a quick walk. It is very important for people, especially in India, to understand that there has to be some personal space and timing level. We need to slowly start the trend of maintaining personal and professional life balance.  

What are your plans?
I’ve been married for over two years now, and it’s been five years in the industry. I would definitely want to work with more multinational and corporate companies. However, eventually, in a period of time, I would like to start something with my husband, which interests us both.          ---  as told to Srivalli