The Digital Scale

As the world continues to move further away from reality and onto the Internet, web-based tools and services have emerged to streamline and enhance all aspects of life. Now, virtually every industry is hopping aboard the mobile bandwagon... and with good reason! These lucrative new methods of business are mutually beneficial; producers have a new platform from which to make money, and consumers enjoy ease and convenience at an affordable price. The health industry hasn’t been left behind. Check out these six apps for iOS and Android that will make staying fit and losing weight a lot easier.
• Lose It is a free app for Android and iPhone that lets you connect with people, all your linked devices, and the information on the food you consume. Together, this package helps you lose weight by making smart decisions. Lose It allows you to formulate a personalised weight loss regimen that includes goal weight, as well as complete wellness and fitness solutions. There’s a verified database of food to help you keep count of calories, giving you the freedom to add custom foods and recipes to share. RunKeeper, Nike+ and a number of other apps and devices can be linked to Lose It, so that all your fitness data is easily accessible from one intelligent source.
Lose It is a free app for Android and iPhone 
• Yet another free app, Pact helps you track your workouts, eat more fibrous vegetables, and keep a closer eye on the junk food quotient! The only catch is that it requires you to put your money where your mouth is. Each challenge (pact) has a specific wager that you put on it. If you hold up your end of the bargain, Pact pays you anywhere up to $5 per week. Fail, and your bank account will be debited for the amount of money you anteed up. Start small or go big from the get-go; do whatever it takes to get motivated to avoid losing money!
• MyFitnessPal tracks your overall food intake and exercise levels, allowing you to call on friends to keep your motivation levels high. There’s access to more than one million different food and drink items, all packed into an easy-to-use database that lets you monitor your log via iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone. Both the app and its service are free, making it easy for you to create and monitor a personalised diet profile and realistic goals.
MyFitnessPal tracks your overall food intake and exercise levels 
• If you’ve ever found yourself trying to figure out which foods you should be eating, Fooducate can help you learn more about what’s healthy and what’s not. By scanning a barcode through your mobile device, you can receive a ‘grade’ of what you’re about to eat (or how you’re considering cheating on your diet!). No longer must you spend hours attempting to decode all the ingredients on a bag of 100% natural baked snacks. Scan the code, see the grade, and make smart decisions on the spot or via the Fooducate community forum.
• You didn’t think Google would be left out of this, did you? Their free weight loss and fitness app for Android only, Google Fit tracks your activity levels... all you have to do is carry your phone or other device with you. There are provisions to link with other apps and devices to extend the reach of Google Fit’s benefits. In addition, you can keep tabs on your weight and daily activity levels, and there’s special emphasis on heart health.
Google's would be left out of this, did you? Their free weight loss and fitness app for Android 
• Are you busy? Do your job and life leave you little time for working out? Perhaps you can’t find time for the gym, but with the NYT 7-Minute Workout app, you have at your fingertips a scientific exercise regimen that will give you results... if you stick to the plan. The app maximises the time you spend exercising by delivering two short, but highly effective workouts as reported by The New York Times in 2014. After all, where better to develop an app for busy people than The City That Never Sleeps?                                ..... Ashwin