Different Ways To Braid Your Hair

Try out new looks every time you go out to visit your friends and family, braiding or plaiting your hair is an easy way to dress up and show up your talent to everyone. Few simple steps and regular practise makes you a master in braiding the hair. Few hairstyles are very simple to do whereas few others make take little more time to get perfect. Here are few different ways to braid your hair

1)    French Braid  

Out of all the braids French braid is one of the most popular one, this is one of the simple ones that can be styled within minutes, on a busy morning, windy weather where you need to tie up your hair quickly. This kind of hairstyle can be worn almost for any occasion and settings. For a French braid the hair is crossed over one another when creating the braid, this can be worn in one single braid down the back of the head, one low braid to the side, or as two braided pigtails.
2) Fishtail Braid:  

This two strand hair braid that looks extremely complicated and complex for the first look is just done in 5 min of time and is called as fishtail, one of the most famous braid among youngsters. This braid can be done in different ways neat, messy and loose either way it looks great and can easily be copied. Highlight this braid with few cute little accessories to make it even more appealing like a hair ribbon or a bow at the end which gives it a neat look.
3) Dutch braid

The inverted French braid is otherwise called as Dutch braid, the only difference between the French and Dutch is that instead of braiding strands over each other, you will braid them under one another. This of the most simple hairstyles and looks great for regular daily look. Dutch braid can be done in a simple straight way or a zig-zag design down the back for total unique look.
4) Waterfall braid

The most famous and elegant looking braid, this braid is done as one braid going around the head giving it a unique look. It is a three stranded braid that involves including strands hair from the top of the head and leaving out or dropping strands of hair from the bottom, to master this braid one has to keep practising to perfection. It gives a great look for almost anywhere whether for a formal occasion or even casual day.
5) Lace Braid

Lace braid, the popular braid seen travelling down one side of the head and this style is great as it holds well throughout the day; it gives you a simple and elegant look. Lace braids are worn falling down the head or as a hair band. This braid is usually seen falling down the side with a ponytail.