Diet for Gallbladder stones: what to eat and what not to

After visiting your doctor due to a severe abdomen pain, did they tell you that you probably have gallbladder stones? Fret not, as gallbladder stones are a common complaint affecting most people. While there are medications to resolve gallstone problem, people are opting for natural remedies.
Gallbladder is a small organ in our body, who's function is to collect and store bile from the liver.   Sedentary lifestyle habits, stress, genetics, cholesterol, obesity, concentrated bile can be some of the possible causes of these gallstones. This problem can be rectified with healthy diet and a few simple yet effective lifestyle changes.
The food that we intake plays an essential role in keeping our gallbladder healthy. In this article, we will look at some foods that are good and bad for gallstones.
Foods to eat-
•    Lean meat, fish and chicken
•    Fresh vegetables and fruits
•    pulses
•    legumes
•    coffee
•    Whole grains (like- oats, brown rice, Millet, Barley, popcorn)
•    Studies have shown that drinking moderate amount of alcohol is associated with lowering the risk of gallstones in both women and men.
•    Peanuts
Foods to avoid-
•    Processed foods ( cookies, and doughnuts)
•    Fried food (french fries, jalebi, fish and chips, churro, etc)
•    Dairy products ( cheese, milk, butter and cream)
•    red meat
Along with incorporating some healthy foods in your diet, you must also make sure you are getting enough sleep and exercise on a regular basis.

-Akhila Kakarala
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