Did You Know That Chewing a Gum Can Be Beneficial?

As crazy as it may sound, chewing a gum has many benefits. While it is considered an effective breath freshener, did you know chewing gums help in improving digestion and reducing stress? It is also known for improving memory and combating nausea. Although it is advised to avoid sticky foods to prevent dental decay, let’s find out if chewing a gum is really beneficial after all.

Reduces anxiety. Nibbling on a chewing gum twice a day is believed to keep the anxiety levels under control. Chewing gums reduce the stress hormone called cortisol and calm those down who are hyper tensed. They also act as a stress-reliever.

Helps in weight loss. Chew some sugar-free gums to curb your cravings and stop yourself from overeating. Also, it said that chewing a gum burns about 11 calories an hour!

Tones the face. Not only does chewing a gum promote dental health, it also helps in toning your facial muscles by giving an excellent workout to the face. This way, you can get rid of your double chin.

There are also a few side effects of chewing a gum. Sugar-free gums have laxatives, which sometimes lead to diarrhea and digestive stress. And the sweetened ones build plaque in your mouth and cause tooth decay over a period of time. It may also trigger headaches and lead to problems, like insulin resistance, diabetes, and obesity, if consumed in excess.