Diamonds are Forever - Srenik Zaveri

Shrenik Zaveri talks with You & I
Where does your love of jewellery come from?
Looking at my mother’s heirloom jewellery as a kid, my interest in diamond jewellery was kindled. After I finished college, that same interest was encouraged by my classmates, who all came from diamond merchant families. After studying law, I began spending time in their offices learning about diamonds and jewellery.
Tell us about your collection.
We try to cater to our clients’ tastes, but the basic design element in our jewellery is minimalism. We specialise in designs that are solid and classic in nature at the same time, and which can be passed down through the generations. We are very proud of the quality of the diamonds we use. It’s something we have never compromised on.
Who are you targeting?
Our target audience includes those who enjoy the epitome of luxury, yet which connects with your everyday lifestyle. My clients are smart enough to buy diamonds not only for their beauty and statement power, but also for their undisputed investment factor.
Where do you find your inspiration?
Great designers like Graff, Harry Winston and Jar inspire me tremendously.
How is it working with your wife?
Working with Vidya has been beneficial for me in many ways. At home, our relationship is similar to that of any husband and wife: healthy and full of love, warmth and understanding. But when we’re in the office, we become completely professional and get in tune with each other. It’s always nice to know that each of us is the other’s source of strength. Vidya has a unique flair for design and is my all-time inspiration.
What is your greatest achievement so far?
Professionally, my greatest achievement is the growth of my business over the past three decades. We have been able to acquire some very important and highly respected clients. Understanding these clients and their demands has always been our prime focus.
What do you do in your free time?
That’s essentially devoted to spending time with my family. Vidya and I are both foodies and love to meet people, so we entertain quite often. Other passions of ours include chilling at our home in Goa and travelling.
Where to?
Maldives all the way!
Tell us more about yourself.

I like sincerity, punctuality, discipline and honesty. Dishonest and cunning people put me off. I also like to collect Indian art, antiquities and watches. I most admire Michael Phelps, as I was a national swimming champion at one point. I also admire my fellow Gujarati Narendra Modi and the work he’s doing for our nation.      

..... as told to Niharika