Designer and Muse - Yamini Bhaskar talks with You & I

She’s a small town girl who moved from Vijayawada to Hyderabad after completing her studies at the tender age of 18. One does get to see the simple small-town-girl side of this soft-spoken and elegant young lady who, at first, comes across as reticent and introverted. Yamini has dreams of making it big in the southern movie industry and, being a Telugu girl, she hopes to achieve success in Tollywood. She looked resplendent and beautiful in a stunning Vinita Pittie saree and halter blouse, and played muse to the designer with the gorgeous Raja Bahadur haveli as the perfect backdrop.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you ended up becoming an actress.
My hometown is Vijayawada and that’s where I spent my childhood. I moved to Hyderabad a year and a half ago, with a dream to pursue acting as a career. Vijayawada holds a dear place in my heart, but I had big aspirations of becoming an actress. So I am trying my luck here and hoping I get an opportunity to work with some really good actors and directors. I’ve been blessed with a really supportive family; my mother and brothers also moved with me to the city when I decided to pursue acting. Their unflinching support has helped me follow my dreams relentlessly. I have always dreamt of becoming an actress, but it was my mother who pushed me to become one. She is my biggest support, and has always encouraged me to pursue my artistic and cultural passions.

How has the experience been so far?
Every day is a new day and new experience for me. I get to meet so many interesting and exciting people on a daily basis, and do so many different things which this business gives you the chance to do. The excitement is amazing every time I work with new people, new teams, new sets and locations.

What work have you done so far?
My first movie Keecheka was a female-oriented film; I got a great response from it. I also worked on a Malayalam and Tamil film that is going to release soon.

What are some of your other passions?
I am a Kuchipudi dancer, and I also learnt many different forms of music and dance while growing up. So I have always been creative.

What is your favourite part of being an actress?
The sheer breadth of people I get to meet and new experiences I can have is what truly makes me feel blessed and grateful to be an actress. I never get the feeling that I am working, since it is a passion that I love.

What are some things about the industry that you don’t like?
I love everything about being an actress. I take the bad things in stride as part of my job. But yes, early call times and waking up super early is not something I enjoy (laughs).

What are your hobbies?
I am a huge movie buff, so I watch a lot of movies in various languages.

What is your beauty and fitness regimen?
I drink lots of water, walk, workout, and eat healthy food. I don’t go overboard with my routine.

What is your favourite place to travel?
I absolutely love London and Switzerland.

What has it been like to wear this beautiful Vinita Pittie creation?
I loved working with Vinita, since she is such a wonderful person and so hospitable. We wore similar glass mauve sarees, which complemented each other very well, and my entire look was enhanced with Suhani Pittie’s jewellery. Shooting in the Pittie haveli was a breathtaking experience. I loved Vinita’s vibe since she is so confident of who she is and a warm and inspiring soul.     

                                                                                                                                                                                                      – as told to Suneela