Design Your Dream Abode with Vaastu

Owning a house is almost everyone's dream, but what if the peace does not dwell in the house even after spending millions of bucks? Nobody wants to live in a house full of negativity, and therefore vaastu plays a significant role in our life when it comes to designing your dream house. Vaastu specialist Dr Archarya Vinod Kumar Ojha gives us suggestions on builgind your dream abode with Vaastu principles.

It is important to keep in mind the power of water and soil in a plot to decide whether to make a building or not. Choose an area that maintains visibility in all directions and isn't affected by unwanted noise. The high cost of residential plots makes it very difficult to build 100% vaastu-compliant homes, but if one builds 60%-70% vaastu-compliant residences by integrating vaastu principles and local government norms, the building is still considered good.

Consider these points while designing your dream abode:

  • No matter which side of a flat or house faces north, east, south, or west, the correct placement of the doors, bedrooms, kitchen, and puja room, are essential.
  • During the process of planning a home, many people overlook the importance of having a separate puja room due to space constraints, but we must not forget how important it is to create a separate God’s room. Since the sunlight lights up the northeast first, why not build your puja room there first? Set up adequate ventilation and a threshold if you want the divinity to respond positively.

  • Among all the areas of the house, the kitchen is the most imposing. A healthy kitchen plays an integral part in the well-being and health of all residents in the house. 
  • Master bedrooms must be well placed and designed according to vastu principles. It is a major decision to choose the positioning of the bed and how you sleep with your head in different directions.

  • Southwest represents the element of Earth, which implies heaviness, so the master bedroom should always be located there because it is the kind of place where the master of the house has the most power. Bedrooms should receive the most attention in a home. It is best to sleep with your head towards the south, east or west, not towards the north.

  • As part of vastu principles, toilets and bathrooms have specific locations, which is why they sometimes contribute to negative energy in a house. It is dangerous and financially unwise to construct bathrooms anywhere in a house. In an ideal scenario, a bathroom should be situated in the eastern portion of a house. North-east should be provided with water draining pipes. Toilets should be built on the northwest or west side of the building. Bathroom faucets and showers can be mounted on the Northern wall, which is suitable for the mirror as well. An ideal location for the geyser is in the southwest corner.

Always check for these Vaastu tips before constructing your dream house and welcome happiness and prosperity.

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