Design Matters with Swanzal Kak Kapoor

It’s all about architectural resonance and a culture of social responsibility for Swanzal Kak Kapoor, the design principal at Saka Studio, an award winning architectural practice based in Gurgaon. Swanzal’s architectural and interior work celebrates cultural specificity, craft, embodied emotions, ecological consciousness, and collaborative energy. Her 20 years of hard work and experience has led her to achieve several milestones including the ‘IIID National Award 2016’ in the category of ‘Residential Single Dwelling’. Let’s take a look at some of her beautiful creations. - Srivalli  


Located in Chhatarpur, South Delhi, the concept of this space grew out of longing for the forest, and the protective shade of a tree canopy in the context of a city. Spread across 8,900 sq. ft, the design approach follows a timeless home that comes alive at night, since its primary use was intended as an entertainment space. The dynamics between the vertical lines of teak stone walls, the branching structure of the tree columns, and sculptural, carefully positioned openings and courtyards create constantly shifting geometries that delight and draw the eye forward.

The site has two access roads, linked by a connecting vehicular path planted with grass pavers and cobblestones to dissolve into the landscape and minimize non-porous surfaces. A key element in the garden is the pool pavilion and pool deck that flows into the living areas on the lower level. A series of decks and water features seamlessly connect the home and garden, and create ‘outdoor rooms’ of varying scales and volume. The drop off point is protected by a floating metal canopy and framed by pergolas of fins to establish a quiet rhythm