Dermot Mulroney to lead 2 Men & a Pig Movie

Dermot Mulroney has been roped in to lead buddy comedy "2 Men & a Pig". According to The Hollywood Reporter, the indie project is set to be directed by Ted Collins from a script by James RW Cornetet.

The story revolves around two brothers and a ceramic pig named Charlie on one final road trip, where they become criminals on the run.

Mulroney will play Rick, while Jim Connor will play his brother, Michael.

Neal McDonough will play Texas Ranger Walkyre Alabama and comic Dina Nina Martinez will portray the role of Rosalita. McDonough will also executive produce.

Collins is also attached as producer along with Raz Cunningham. Mulroney was last seen in "Homecoming" in a recurring guest role with his "My Best Friend's Wedding" co-star Julia Roberts.    - PTI