Denise Richards Grounded Me: Charlie Sheen

Controversial actor Charlie Sheen has revealed that his former wife Denise Richards has grounded him a lot. "She's definitely grounded me more, although when I met her, I was pretty straight and pretty narrow. But it... she certainly helps solidify a much greater desire for responsibility and for, you know, giving that part of me," Sheen said in a statement to IANS. He was also asked if it feels good to see articles about him that do not talk about ‘bad boy Charlie Sheen’, he explained, "Yeah. I just saw a mention of that last night. My wife did the cover of one of these fitness magazines, you know, and it says something -- something Denise Richards settled down with reformed bad boy Charlie Sheen, and I just thought 'When can I just be Charlie Sheen again?'"

"It just seems like there's a lot of guys out there carrying the torch right now that are doing a pretty good job," said the Two and a Half Men star. When asked on who is taking his spot now, he replied, "Colin Farrell. He's doing a great job. I tip my hat to him because it's a tough one. It's a full-time job when there's no benefit. But there's really no controversy or there's nothing as print-worthy... in the way my life is today with, you know -- through that filter with that perception, so I can't get too upset about things I have no control over.

"All I can do is just move forward and then hope, eventually, enough time goes by and enough example is set that it sort of undoes itself."

Two and a Half Men is all set to air on Comedy Central in India starting October 28th.

-Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Courtesy –IANS