Demystifying Wooden Interiors with Pastels

Are you considering revamping your interiors this season? Antique embellishments paired with wood ups the scale of making your home décor look regal. Wood is not only aesthetically appealing, but with innovation in technology engineered wood also adds to tactile elements that are easy to maintain. Here is a quick list of the latest interior pastel trends from Greenlam Industries to take the look of your home a notch higher.

Break the monotony:
Concentrating extensively on wood interiors can make a room look a little claustrophobic. However, keeping your room airy and colourful is essential this season. 2016’s pantones rose quartz and serenity are raging trends this year. Not just restricted to fashion runways and beauty models we see an entrant of these pastels into luxurious home spaces as well. Making this subtle but ambiguous shades blend in with your home design can be tricky.

Ensure to team pastels with the wooden interiors - the colours of this family are usually described as soothing, serene and extremely relaxing. If you still intend to give your interiors a more masculine look, think of darker shades of engineered wood floors like Mikasa’s Oak Dusk to create an equal balance among the two colour spectrums. Find a colour tint graph that represents the different saturations of colour. You will find a pastel version of every colour. So a deep purple can have a lilac pastel version or a muted gray with purple undertones.

Stark contrasts or familiar resemblance:
Versatility in colours, patterns and textures can add a very interesting mix to your home. The best part about wood is that it makes your home a beautiful canvas of its own. If you’d like a contrast in your interiors steer towards rich darker shades of wood and veneers. This looks gorgeous when complemented with shades and tints blush and peach. The ability to pair absolutely any colour whether navy blue, turquoise, teal, mint green, ivory, mauve, mustard and tan brown with wooden interiors is definitely a plus factor. It adds to the design quotient and also brings out the wood’s natural influence.

Weathered and distressed wood can create a beautiful backdrop, along with antique finds it can bring back the 70s vintage look. There is something so relaxing about the lighter shades of the colour palette for your spaces that you want to escape from the world in. Bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms are ideal for using soft coloured textiles, bedding, and decorative decor throughout your space. A vast variety of solid colours, wood finishes and mineral gives your home a touch of sophistication and refinement. Oak Moonlight by Mikasa infuses a tranquil and harmonious feel to your interiors. Lending a light complexion, the selection enhances the serene appeal of your room.

Mix it up with textures:
The only limit to your creativity is your imagination. Remember pastel colours help to create depth when combining with bolder patterns and colours. Printed and patterned cushions in monochromes like chevron or brighter pastels like tangerine and fuchsia quickly add to the vibrancy of the room. Use them as accents with your other dominant colours or make pastels your focal point. Minimal and white details lessen the heaviness of wood and give out a vintage overwhelming look.

Everyone gets an inspiration of creativity from different sources. Visit your local candy store, produce aisle at your favorite market or take a walk through a botanical garden. You will be surprised how natural pastel colours are all around us on a daily basis. Determine what room you want to tackle with new pastel colours and then let your creativity run wild. It’s time to give your imagination some wings! Get coloured with pastels and wood this season.