Demi Lovato Still Dependent On Wilmer Valderrama

Singer Demi Lovato, who tragically got hospitalized and went to rehab, has been revealed to still be heavily dependent on her ex-boyrfriend Wilmer Valderrama to remain sober. The “Confident” hitmaker, who recently accomplished 90-days of sobriety, is still very close to her ex, Wilmer. The That 70’s Show star has been in contact with Lovato regularly, with a source saying, "She and Valderrama still communicate regularly. Valderrama was a crutch for Demi through her hospitalisation and visited her in rehab too. The two talk several times a week and meet up as well... but it's nothing romantic, simply a supportive friendship."

The singer recently stepped out of rehab, finally finishing her rehab stint after July. She has now dedicated three days a week to spend at a sober house, which has a counseling staff on hand, as well as some people who she can share her drug abuse experience with.

- Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Courtesy – Demi Lovato Instagram