Demi Lovato, Depressed?!

Singer Demi Lovato was tragically hospitalized back in July of 2018 after an overdose that almost took her life. The incident left fans shook, as well as her family and friends. The following months saw the 26-year-old join rehab and get her act together, with full support from her fans and family. Demi checked out of the institution later that year in November, and seemed to be doing quite well. However, some recent turn of events have made her close ones question her ability to take care of herself.  The ‘Sober’ singer started dating Henri Levy, who she met during her time in rehab, which is usually discouraged. If one relapses, the other one might as well. Demi also recently quit Twitter after receiving some backlash over an innocent joke.

The most recent reports suggest that the star has been keeping to herself and not indulging in any of her common social circles. This has led many around her to believe that she might be going through depression and anxiety. Friends also believe that she might be creating an atmosphere for herself where she is extremely co-dependent on Levy. We hope Demi is okay, mentally AND physically.       -Rubaina Bilgrami and Pic: Demi Lovato Instagram