Delicious No Bake Desserts

Creating a delicious dessert from scratch is difficult and intimidating with all the equipments and the different baking temperatures, but there are few no bake recipes which do not need anything. Just whisk couple of ingredients together pop it in the refrigerator or a cooker and just wait until they are done. He few delicious no bake desserts which can be done easily.

One of the famous and tasty Indian dessert kesarijalebi. These jalebi’s are pretty easy to make with read to mix batter and fry them in hot oil and dipping them into sugar syrup.

Chilled lemon Pie:
Sometimes you get bored of chocolate then alternate your taste buds with a refreshing taste of lemon. A heavenly crust with lemony cheese flavor gives out a delicious chilled lemon pie.

Coconut burfi:
Coconut burfi the most easy dessert to make. Made it with just four ingredients and the end result is just so good and amazing. Pop in all the ingredients into a pan and simmer it gently until it becomes thick and leaves the sides of a pan.

Low fat tiramisu:
Guilt free tiramisu. The goodness of coffee and ricotta cheese together in a single cup, pile the two ingredients alternating ina cup or a glass and set it in the refrigerator for few hours, delicious low fat tiramisu is ready.

Caramel custard:
Get the goodness of caramel  in just few min, the light caramel custard is easy and simple to make. Whisk all the ingredients together and let it cook in the pressure cooker over a low flame for sometime.