Delicious Meat Recipes

One of the dishes that introduced Americans to French food is a crispy and juicy pan seared duck breast, this sumptuous and flavorsome dish is a combination of tender duck, squash and melon seeds. On the other hand the Asian based baked miso salmon recipe is appetizing and this dish along with a glass of white wine is a perfect way to serve a lavish meal. The recipes for these two delicious dishes have been shared by Chef Kapil Dubey from Sheraton, Hyderabad.





For duck breast
duck breast            200 gm
salt                5 gm
black pepper            to taste
For squash puree
red onion (chopped)        30 gm
fresh cream            50 ml
milk                30 ml
star anise            5 gm
butternut squash        50 gm
salt                5 gm
For summer squash
brown butter            5 gm
summer squash            60 gm
salt                5 gm
For melon seed praline
sugar                50 gm
roasted melon seed        10 gm
baking powder            5 gm
For garnish
tarragon            10 gm


1.    Prepare the duck by removing extra trimmings and fat. Pat dry and season well on all sides.
2.    In a warm cast iron pan, put the duck on fat side down, and sear slowly to get crispy skin. Let rest for 5 minutes.
3.    Prepare the butternut squash for puree by mixing it with milk and cream. Add star anise and onion. Season the mixture, and simmer slowly until tender.
4.    Blanch the summer squash in salted water and set aside. Blend the butternut squash mixture and make a puree
5.    Baste the cooked duck and cut it into three even pieces. Serve with butternut squash puree and summer squash tossed in brown butter.


INGREDIENTS:                QTY

For miso salmon            
miso paste                40 gm
sesame oil                10 ml
salmon                    180 gm
For poached vegetables
bok choy                50 gm
red radish                10 gm
baby carrots                30 gm
button mushrooms            20 gm
salt                    3 gm
sherry vinegar                50 ml
clarified butter                100 ml
For nori mayo
toasted seaweed            1 sheet
Japanese mayonnaise            50 ml
For garnish
coriander                 1 sprig
crispy salmon skin            a few pieces

1.    Skin the salmon and cut into a fillet. Make the miso for the salmon and let it marinate.
2.    Combine the sherry and butter to poach the vegetables.
3.    Toast the seaweed and vegetables side by side. Crumble the seaweed finely and mix with the mayonnaise. Add sprigs of coriander to ice water.
4.    Bake the salmon at 180°C for 7 minutes. Take it out and let sit for 5 minutes.
5.    Poach the vegetables in sherry butter mixture until tender yet crunchy.
6.    Place the vegetables on a plate with the salmon on top. Finish with nori mayonnaise.