Delicious Indian Recipes

Chef Mukesh

Making a dish from the scratch might seem to be a hassle but this delicious Lamb Dhansak a popular Indian curry made from meat, lentils and favoured spices is mild, sweet and flavourful will truly satisfy most taste buds and along with it a rich, creamy Malido is a tasty Indian recipe served as a dessert. These two mouth watering recipes are shared by Chef Mukesh Sharma from The Westin Mindspace, Hyderabad



lamb shanks                        550 gm
butternut squash                  50 gm
toor, masoor and urad dals  100 gm
tomatoes                           100 gm
onion                                   50 gm
chilli                                    50 gm
ginger                                  50 gm
salt                                   to taste
brinjal                                  50 gm
potato                                  50 gm
garlic                                   50 gm

For ground spice

coriander seeds        10 tsp
cumin seeds            10 tsp
black peppercorn      20 gm
fenugreek seeds       10 tsp
red chillies (dried)     10 gm
green cardamom      10 gm
tamarind juice          20 ml
jaggery                    20 gm
turmeric powder         5 gm
coriander                 15 gm


1.    Crush the peppercorn with the cumin and cardamom seeds in a mixer. Set aside.
2.    Heat oil a large pan. Add onions and whole spice. Once the onion turns brown, add
       ginger-garlic paste and the spice powder. Cook for a few minutes.
3.    Add the lamb pieces and cook gently. Add the vegetables during this time.
4.    Once the lamb is tender, add tomatoes and cook well. Add jaggery and tamarind pulp,
       and finish with coriander leaves. Serves three.




almonds                   90 gm
cashews                   90 gm
ghee                       700 gm
flour                        185 gm
whole-wheat flour     150 gm
semolina                 150 gm
milk                        270 ml
caster sugar            750 gm
egg (whole)                  6 gm
water                       225 ml
vanilla essence           15 ml
nutmeg                        2 gm
cardamom powder        8 gm
glazed cherry             75 gm
orange peel                45 gm


1.    Blanch and slice the almonds. Fry with cashews in ghee and drain the extra fat.
2.    Prepare sugar syrup by mixing sugar and water. Stir until the sugar melts. Let cool.
3.    Mix the dry sifted ingredients with ghee and milk. Set the mixture aside for half an hour, then cook on a slow fire, stirring
       constantly with a wooden spoon until the mixture thickens  and becomes light brown.
4.    Add sugar syrup and cook together until thick, stirring constantly to keep it from sticking to the bottom of the pan.
5.    Take pan off the flame. Slowly pour the eggs into the mixture and blend thoroughly. Cook on a slow flame and /
        stir continuously until the ghee floats to the top.
6.    Remove from the pan and add vanilla essence, cardamom, nutmeg, fried almonds, cashew nuts,
       cherries and orange peel. Mix together.
7.    Garnish with nuts and cherries. Serves four.

-    Mukesh Sharma, The Westin Mindspace Hyderbad