Deeply disturbed by 'irresponsible' comments, says Gauri Shinde

Director Gauri Shinde is being accused of taking huge chunks of “Dear Zindagi” from Canadian TV series "Being Erica", and in a press release has said that she is  "deeply disturbed" by "irresponsible comments" that are being made against her. She said, 'Dear Zindagi' is a deeply personal film. There is only one thing it borrows from. That's my life.... there are a million films and serials with therapists like there are with doctors. Just because there is a doctor in a film does not mean it borrows from another film with a doctor.

"Am deeply disturbed by irresponsible comments from people who have no clue what it is that they are referring to... I have not seen this series that they refer to.. and I cannot comment on what is in it," she said in a statement.

Shinde also went on to say that "in today's world where everybody sees everything, I am not so dumb that I believe I can get away by deliberate plagiarism nor am I so insensitive to borrow without giving credit from anybody who has created anything for such a sensitive and important cause".

"Dear Zindagi” was declared a huge it and it starred Shah Rukh Khan, Ali Zafar, Aditya Roy Kapur, Kunal Kapoor and Angad Bedi.