David Bowie Art Collection Shatters Records

Almost 2000 international investors and collectors bid at the record-breaking £32.9 million ($41.1 million) sale of David Bowie's personal art collection.

Sotheby’s held the auction, inviting the public to come and view the collection over a five-day open house before auctioning the items off in private sale. Exhibitions of the works in London attracted some 51,470 visitors, the highest attendance for any pre-sale exhibition in the British capital, the auction house said.

“Sotheby’s is truly honoured to have had the opportunity to share this collection with the world and, in doing so, offer a fresh insight into the creative mind of one of the greatest cultural figures of our time.”

A spokesperson for the Bowie Estate said the rock star enjoyed sharing the works in his collection, loaning to museums and actively supporting the art and artists who were part of his world.

“While the family have kept certain pieces of particular significance, now was the time for others to share David’s love for these remarkable works and let them live on.”

-Devashree Goenka